We have reached a milestone.
We have accumulated 1000 plays of the weekly song posts on Sound Cloud.  I know there are artists who have multiple songs that get 1000 plays in a day.  I know 1000 plays is not significant to the music industry, is not going to get me famous, and is not going to make me any money at all.  It still means a lot to me.
Even if you subtract half for my wife, that’s 500 occasions that somebody chose to spend time with one of my songs.  Maybe I was in the background while you were studying for a test.  Maybe these songs were the soundtrack for that conversation where you contemplated what it all means.  Maybe you listened while driving down the road on your way home from work.  Maybe we were dancing in the living room on a Friday night.  Thank you for listening.  Thank you for choosing to spend some time with one of my songs.  These songs mean a lot to me and hopefully the time you spent listening meant something to you as well.  Please keep listening and I will do my best to keep making new things for you.

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