1000 Screeching Banshees

I was working on a mix in the studio and it was missing something. It needed a big thick chord in the back of the mix. I needed a large ethereal ringing sound. I needed the autoharp. My vintage autoharp had been leaning against the studio wall for a long time. It’s been at least two years since I played it or tuned it. I picked it up and pushed down the G-chord and gave it a gentle strum. It was scary. It sounded like 1000 screeching banshees preparing to escape from hell. Are you familiar with the sound that two cats can sometimes make in the middle of the night? This autoharp made those cats sound good. I’m hoping a good tuning can get it into shape. At this point, it is still so bad that I need to wear earplugs while working on it. I am optimistic that with enough tweaking and patience, these 1000 screeching banshees will eventually sound like a thick ethereal ring. Just in case you are awakened tonight by the scariest sound that you have ever heard, it’s just me tuning the autoharp.

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