15 Minutes

I experienced something magical. It’s not the first time that I have had this experience but it’s rare enough that I might consider it a miracle. I am not sure what the equivalent would be for a doctor, carpenter, or accountant. I am sure that all vocations have a corresponding miracle. I wrote a new song in fifteen minutes. If you have been following along, you know that I’m working on a new record. For the sixth song in the collection, all I had was a potential title. I picked up my ukulele, strummed a beautiful chord, and wrote the first verse. It was not where I thought the title was going to take us. Despite my preconceived ideas, I wrote three verses in fifteen minutes. If you want to follow along, the song is called “Grown Man Cry.” I won’t be sharing any specifics because there is a chance that when I run through it with a fresh perspective, it will be utter crap.