1st Annual Weird Folk Day

Today is the first annual Weird Folk Day.  I have huge aspirations for what this holiday could become.  I was intending to start slow this year and just lay the foundation.  I was planning a live stream and some pancakes. There was going to be a new t-shirt design that I was going to print myself. There was going to be all kinds of weird folk songs and all of our weird folk friends getting together.  Life has been so nutty that I wasn’t able to get it all planned.  You might wonder why I didn’t just change the date, push it back, and do it right.  In addition to being the annual Weird Folk Day, May 13 is also my birthday.  The first annual Weird Folk Day will pass as a hiccup.  I’m hoping to drink a perfect cup of coffee, have some pancakes, and take a nap in my hammock out in the garden.  I hope your first annual Weird Folk Day is also that perfect.  Next year we will do something big.  Cheers to many more Weird Folk Day celebrations.