A Billion Tiny Whispers

Did you hear that?  It is a billion tiny whispers all happening at the same time. In his book called This Is Marketing, Seth Godin refers to the internet as a billion tiny whispers. I like this idea. I can choose to listen to whichever whisper seems the most urgent. I can ignore all of the whispers that are not interesting (even if they may be incredibly important). Some people whisper and think they are yelling.  It may look like a yell but a single voice can never be more than a whisper.  When you scream into the raging wind, anybody standing directly next to you may hear you but your scream won’t travel very far before it diminishes and becomes the same as all the other whispers.  
You could discover a whisper that may change your life forever. There are a lot of positive, life-affirming whispers out there. But there is also a constant churn of negative noise that can be an overwhelming racket.  This system has power as well as limitations. We can choose what we want to hear. We must choose wisely.  The beauty of our system is that your whisper holds the same potential as all of the other whispers. The only way to magnify your whisper is to find another person who is willing to whisper with you.  Be content to whisper hope into the world and encourage others to whisper that same hope. With enough people whispering together, you will soon have a roaring message that everyone can hear.  We need your whisper.