A Quick Change of Shirt

I recorded a batch of videos for my One Minute Cover Song series. I’m happy about this batch of fall songs. It’s good material. I like to record my short videos in batches.  Setup time can be expensive.  When I get everything ready, it is more efficient to record as many clips as possible at one time. The problem is that I feel weird recording multiple videos while wearing the same outfit. I can’t believe I just typed that sentence out loud. This is particularly odd because I am famous for wearing the same shirt until the smell peels the paint from the wall. When recording, I make a point to change my shirt for every video regardless of the smell. It’s easier now that it is sweater weather. I can wear the same stinky shirt for every video and simply change up my sweater.  
I grew up watching the legendary Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood.  At the beginning of every episode, Mr. Rodgers would walk through the door, take off his fancy coat, and put on a sweater.  When I switched from a sweater to a flannel shirt and then to a jacket, I felt like Mr. Rodgers.