A Song About Running

November 13, 2021
I recently started running again.  I know it’s weird but I really enjoy running.  When I made a social media post about my re-entry into the world of running, it was suggested (by my cousin) that I should write a song about running.  So I did and I think you are going to like it. It’s all about finding the proper motivation.  
I wanted to make a video for the song.  It seemed like a great opportunity to break out my green screen and pretend that I was running in some beautiful and unique locations.  In case you aren’t familiar with the technique, when you shoot video in front of a solid green background it allows you to swap any image with the green color.  This bit of studio magic allows me to go anywhere in the world without leaving the house. Due to a minor lighting issue, my grey pants appeared too similar in color to the green screen and I lost my legs through most of the video.  I recorded a second attempt and so far it looks much better.  I am hoping to have it finished for you to see by Wednesday.  

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