Abandon the Sad, Sinking Ship

I started a project focused on sad cover songs. I planned to learn a new sad song every month. I intended to release the cover at the beginning of each month and then spend the rest of the month breaking down the song and exploring new, related song ideas. I haven’t even made it through one complete song cycle and I am going to abandon the mission. The first cover was well received but it didn’t spark much conversation or connection. Maybe the sad song journey requires a collective sadness that I wouldn’t wish on anybody else.  Maybe it is a journey that must be traveled alone. Sometimes a sad song can make you feel better in ways that nothing else can.  But maybe the Weird Folk don’t need more sad songs right now.  

For the sake of future research:
What is your favorite sad song?
What is the saddest song of all time?
What is the sad song that never fails to make you feel better?