All That Weight

Broken and Beautiful – part 2
I wrote a song in 2013 that wasn’t very good.  You can read more about that in Part 1. Despite being damaged beyond repair, I was able to scavenge a few lines.  I put these borrowed lines together to make a first verse and chorus.  

	Your baby blues are bloodshot now
	You’ve been at it for way too long
	You carry the weight of the world
	Upon you shoulders
	Your shoulders are too slender 
	For all that weight
	You only wanted someone to love you
	We are all so unreliable

	Broken and beautiful
	That’s how I see you
	Broken and beautiful
	I love you just the way you are

Update: In the most recent iteration, I have replaced the four middle lines of the first verse.  If you are keeping score, that means I only salvaged four lines, the chorus, and a chord progression.