American Legion

I played a show with Ride the Song last night and it went well.  There was some doubt during the week about it happening due to various medical situations.  Don’t judge us.  I am the youngest guy in the band and I’m no spring chicken.  Being an aging wanna-be-rockstar is physically demanding.  The American Legion that hosted us is working hard to be a musical hotspot.  Developing a music scene where one does not already exist is not an easy task but they are fighting the good fight.   It was a new venue for us so the crowd wasn’t huge but everybody had a great time.  We played from 8-11.  It has been a long time since I’ve been involved with a show happening this late.  It was tough being out and playing music well passed the time when I am usually drooling on my pillow.  Don’t judge me, I am not a night owl.