Another Sick Day

I feel that I’ve been complaining a lot lately about my kids being sick. We have had pink eye, strep throat, and many different upper respiratory viruses.  Right now we have a two for the price of one happening. We have one with a virus and strep throat and the other has a separate, brand new virus.  There has been one week out of the last eight when we didn’t have at least one ailing child.  During that week, I was very sick.   

This post is not meant to be about our ailments. This seems to be on par for a family with twins in kindergarten. I know there are people whose health is far worse.  We will get through this. I wanted to talk about sick day movies.  When I was a kid, The Great Muppet Caper was my go-to, automatic choice for a sick day. When given a choice, the twins tend to binge episodes of weird cartoons that I don’t understand.  This works to my advantage as I have been trying to accomplish some work while juggling sick kids. Today I gave up. I poured an extra cup of coffee and snuggled down on the couch between snot bubble and throat fungus. We watched my favorite sick day movie.  It was great. Although I am sure that I will be incredibly sick before the week is over.  

What is your favorite sick day movie?