Artemis Suite

I’m not doing the girl thing
Where I say one thing but really mean the other
Say what I mean or what I think I mean
Sometimes I guess I don’t always understand myself
I am not doing the whole jealous girl thing
To be jealous you have to want something
You tell me, maybe you’re the missing puzzle piece
No pieces, maybe I’m a portrait not a puzzle
It seems logical than a man like you would think
What else could I be doing pining away for you
I’m not doing the girl thing
Where I give the silent treatment and guilt
Nothing to say or I thought you wouldn’t relate
I wanted to save you from embarrassment when you didn’t understand
I know it’s 70°, I’m wearing pants and a sweater
But I’m cold right now, just so cold right now
Then in 10 minutes I’ll strip down to nothing 
But then I’ll be warm
I am busy living in the moment and I may cover myself
And convince myself that I am cold
Oh, that I am cold
But that’s because I’m not ready to show me to you
Just give me time, I’ll find warmth when I see the sun
But you see, it’s got to feel right
It’s got to feel just right
It’s got to be just perfect
Or I’ll get cold again
I haven’t talked to you in a while
Cause I’m just too busy living in the moment
I’m not doing the girl thing
Where I’m playing mind games with you
Not interested or then again just shy
Maybe I’m preoccupied with something else just on my mind
Don’t think you know me
Don’t compare me to other women
Don’t think of me as your mom, your friend, your neighbor
I am unlike any other person you’ve met before
The stories of my past made me the person I am today
Because of this I carry my traits, my quirks, my neurosis
So listen and get to know me
Don’t think that I carry the stereotypes
For we are all different 
And we are all beautiful in our own way
So know this, I am