Sometimes I watch movies. They are almost always a cartoon.

Busted Banjo

Released August 16, 2021

This is a collection of songs released from August through November 2021. All songs are built upon my busted banjo.


Released July 12, 2021

This release is all about washy guitars and jangly banjos. It is a dreamy new recording of Kissing Tree. The “b-side” is a cover of one of my favorite creepy love songs.

Where I Go (single)

Released May 10, 2021

This is the single of our song called Where I Go. I was perusing the “unusual entries” section of Wikipedia when I was inspired to write this truly terrifying song about dying on the toilet.

Lion Tamer

The lion tamer cracks his whip  And the lion’s mouth is shut  He’s tamed every beast that walks this earth  But he’s never tamed his tongue Lion tamer, lion tamer… Continue reading Lion Tamer


Today I got up early I couldn’t sleep  My head was too full Turned on the tv  Looking for the news of the day Well, the weather report  Is the… Continue reading Suddenly

Taco Time

What time is it It’s taco time, down at my house Everybody’s coming over tonight, it’s taco time It’s taco time, down at my house Everybody’s coming over tonight, it’s… Continue reading Taco Time

The Locket

My love carries a photograph  In a locket made of silver  That delicately hangs around her neck So precious to her is that  Locket and its treasure of the  Likeness… Continue reading The Locket

Coffee Music, Vol. 3

Released November 9, 2020

These three recordings from Brother Jack crash perfectly with a cup of coffee.


Old man Judas had a hill  On the outskirts of town He built himself a big tall gallows  To hang himself from With a kiss he sealed the deal Everything’s… Continue reading Judas


Your fingers curled over  The top of my headboard My hands gently tracing Soft parts of your arm I can feel, on your fourth finger The reminder of him If… Continue reading David


There’s a full moon rising up over the hill I’m sleeping on that cold, cold ground The wind is whispering through the treetops I’m laying on that cold, cold ground… Continue reading Coyotes


Twister is touching ground The ground begins to shake And the water is rising The sky is turning black The stars are all snuffed out And the moon, the moon… Continue reading Joel

Yea, Thou I Walk

This dark valley, this dark valley This dark valley, I’m walking through This dark valley, this dark valley This dark valley, that I’m walking on through Well, my pack is… Continue reading Yea, Thou I Walk

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Where I Go

Well Judy Garland, she died on the toilet From an alleged drug overdose And Elvis, the king, he died on the toilet For him it was a heart attack Arius… Continue reading Where I Go

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I got home and found hanging on my fence A hollow, empty shell from a locust He shed his armor now, that brave boy The rain will fall, the wind… Continue reading Bugs

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Graveyard Song

We go dancing in the light, light of the new moon It’s the night the ghouls come out, they’ll be walking soon This graveyard is full of stones Chipped and… Continue reading Graveyard Song

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Do you know how to read a map Use your finger and trace that line Any town, any place Where we end up God only knows When this is over… Continue reading Maps

The Way

Neighbor to neighbor And nose to nose Fighting and fussing  Is how it goes You don’t agree So, you’re wrong I’m sure I yell at you And then we fight… Continue reading The Way


That smell gets me every time It’s a coffee and a hot griddle You loved to make me some pancakes Your kitchen was a special place Pancakes dripping Butter sliding… Continue reading Pancakes

Coffee Music, Vol. 2

Released October 5, 2020

These three songs from Brother Jack’s back catalog will pair nicely with a perfect cup of black coffee.

Open Windows

Released September 26, 2020

This is a six song, split EP with my friends in Dragonfly Grove.

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Called my brother up the other day He said, hey brother I got something to say Don’t you think you’ve been here long enough It’s time for you to move… Continue reading Grief

37 Grandma’s Heart Attack

This is the podcast episode where I tell a story about Grandma, Uncle Leroy, and the fictitious time my band played 37 hours straight.


Turn off the television, it’s all bad news It’s just your local weather report and other half truths If you really got to know if it’s raining, than open up… Continue reading Windows


When the visitors come from outer space Will they find anyone left of the human race Will we all be destroyed by an evil pandemic Because our fussing and fighting… Continue reading Visitors

Stay at Home

Released July 27, 2020

These nine songs were written and recorded during the global pandemic of 2020. All artwork by my oldest offspring.


Released April 10, 2020

This is a collection of “B-sides” that never fit anywhere.

Sacrament of Coffee

Released March 13, 2020

I wrote this one about my family. I will gladly endure any amount of cold coffee for them.

Coffee Music, Vol.1

Released January 10, 2020

This is the perfect musical companion to a good cup of coffee.

Holiday Greeting

Brother Jack can’t shut up about all the winter holidays but he can’t pronounce Merry Christmas.

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Weird Folk

Released November 8, 2019

These nine songs were written and recorded during the global pandemic of 2020. All artwork by my oldest offspring.

Big Projects

The Grand Canyon was carved by a relatively average river over the course of millions of years. Mount Rushmore took 14 years to carve. The United States spent 10 years… Continue reading Big Projects

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A contemplation on how learning new things can be tough. If something is how you have always known it to be, it is normal and not new. Life is all about making new things into normal things.

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A Fast Walk Down a Dark Alley

The bes pizza in the world was the next block over but between us was a stereotypical dark alley. Playing live on Facebook feels like walking down that alley. Could Facebook be a tool that we use to make the world a better place?

I have a cold.

I’ve been sick. It’s just a cold, nothing serious. I am not good at being sick. We had a period from Halloween through the middle of January when at least… Continue reading I have a cold.

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Stomp Your Feet

Released January 1, 2018

During the winter and spring of 2017, I posted one new recording per week on Sound Cloud. These are the ten songs that got the most plays.


We have reached a milestone. We have accumulated 1000 plays of the weekly song posts on Sound Cloud.  I know there are artists who have multiple songs that get 1000 plays in… Continue reading 1000

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Tidying Up

  For my wife’s birthday last year, I bought her the book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo.  I had read several favorable reviews and it felt consistent with… Continue reading Tidying Up

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Baby Steps

Pavel Tsatsouline, is a strength coach and fitness advisor. He is considered to be the father of the Russian Kettlebell in the United States.  I love his work and really enjoy… Continue reading Baby Steps

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  I got a new guitar.  My new guitar is an old guitar.  It’s an old guitar that reminds me of a different old guitar that belongs to a friend… Continue reading Stella

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Mark of the Beast

I listened to a great podcast today from Freakonomics. It was called, Why Are We Still Using Cash?  It’s several weeks old. I’m a little behind.  I’m a father of twins. Does everyone… Continue reading Mark of the Beast

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Old Photographs

  This is my new favorite photo of me.  I know it sounds vain.  This is not an epic or iconic photograph.  It is not grandiose, artistic, obscure, avant-garde, or even… Continue reading Old Photographs

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Banjo Love

Released April 28, 2011

I was stuck creatively. So, I locked myself in the studio for a weekend with a junk store banjo and no plan. I didn’t know how to play the banjo. These five songs are what helped me get my groove back.