Baby Steps

Pavel Tsatsouline, is a strength coach and fitness advisor. He is considered to be the father of the Russian Kettlebell in the United States.  I love his work and really enjoy his approach to fitness and strength training.  I heard an interview with Pavel where he was discrediting the American approach to “working out.” We define success as achieving a certain level of discomfort, a specific volume of sweat, or adequate amounts of punishment.  Pavel approaches getting stronger or more fit as practice over time, not measured by a single workout. Practice means to work regularly, getting better with each attempt.  As a musician, I understand practice.
Everyday should be better than yesterday.  This eliminates all of my self-inflicted guilt and shame that usually leads me to giving up.  I have seen the light and have been attempting to apply this mindset to most aspects of my life.
For example, on Monday, I ate six pumpkin spice no-bake cookies…for breakfast.  Not my best day.  The bar was set pretty low for Tuesday. I just had to eat less than six.  I was successful.  This approach has me feeling better and eating healthier, despite having no time to exercise regularly since the twins were born in March.
Which brings me to my point.  The twins have severely restricted my time to do anything that I want to do, i.e. exercise, reading, playing guitar, eating, basic hygiene.  This could be very discouraging.  At points I have succumbed to the negative feelings.  However, I try to start my days focused on a sense of gratitude and I strive to end the day feeling like it was at least slightly better than the day before.  Creativity can not be scheduled.  It has to be turned on all the time.  No more three-hour songwriting sessions.  If I find fifteen minutes when both babies are asleep, I attempt to achieve something. It often amounts to a cup of coffee and a trip to the bathroom.
I set up the pack ‘n play in the studio.  Now their toys are mixed in with my toys. When I transitioned to being a stay at home dad again, I had plans of being super productive and doing a ton of creating.  I honestly thought I would have at least one major project done by now.  I have not even started.  Today’s success was that I got everything turned on and warmed up, tuned the banjo, and took a bunch of pictures of two really cute babies. Everything happens in tiny increments and the days fly by way too quickly; however, I really love my life.
I am trying to be interesting on Instagram, check me out there. I am Brother Jack.  If anybody has any pointers, let me know. I am overwhelmed by the tiny details.
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