Bad Christmas Poem

Wednesday Words

I wrote a song/poem during the winter holiday season of 2019. It was about a drummer getting tricked into playing a Christmas gig. Of course, the song ends with a Christmas miracle. His heart grew three sizes and all of that. It includes pages and pages of words scribbled in a misplaced notebook. Maybe I will find it all before next Christmas. The words below may have been intended as a chorus. I don’t remember for sure. These are the only words that I ever typed into digital format. It’s not good but there may be a kernel of something brilliant hidden somewhere.  Without further ado, here is Clubber Magee Beat the Hell Out of Christmas.
Hark the herald 
What child is this
Flames sprang forth 
With a hiss
Shepherds quake
Rum pa pum pum
The ground did shake
Thunder from his drum
Joy to the world
Tell it on the mountain
His violent fury 
Like penance for every sin
Come all ye faithful
Fall on your knees
His mighty arms 
Like two giant trees
The hopes and fears 
Of all the years 
Every face
Covered in tears
Repeat the sounding joy 
Oh night divine
One final blow
He yelled, “jugdgment is mine”
The whole place shook 
Then silent night
Coming out of the rubble 
On that holy night
Chains shall he break 
The first Noel
It’s the night Clubber Magee 
Beat the hell… 
Out of Christmas