It started with a splinter or a paper cut or some little nick.  I don’t remember how it happened but I found the tiniest little cut on the ring finger of my strumming hand.  I didn’t think it was a big deal but after an hour of practice, it had become an issue.  It wasn’t exactly a blister but very much like what happens to the back of your heel when your shoe doesn’t fit.  The next day’s practice ended with blood running down my hand.  This little boo-boo was now an issue.  But of course, I did nothing about it.  It would be fine.  The next day was worse so I had to do something.  I grabbed a bandaid and wrapped it up.  It was a small “Puppy Pal” themed bandaid. I am sure there were some regular bandages in the closet but I went with my first grab. Unfortunately, when I washed dishes I lost that little bandage down the drain. I had no choice but to use an authentic, adult bandage.  It was one of those cloth bandages.  I don’t know the brand but I think it said sheer on the box. The whole point of this story is to sing the praises of these bandaids. It’s been two whole days and it’s still going strong. I know that is disgusting in a whole different way but this bandage is fantastic.