Rhubarb Pie

I don’t eat a lot of sweets but I can’t turn down a slice of pie.  My favorite is rhubarb.  Don’t ask for the recipe, I tend to make it up as I go.  My wife says I would never survive as a baker.  
Rhubarb is my favorite because it is so special.  Where I live, you can’t find rhubarb at the grocery store.  It’s necessary to find it at a farmer’s market or grow your own. We have our own rhubarb patch. It’s easy to grow and doesn’t require much maintenance.  Once it gets hot, the rhubarb peters out until next year.  These seasonal limitations are what make it iso special.  This is why I always eat rhubarb pie for my birthday.  
Last week was my birthday and it was the first one in a long time that did not involve my favorite pie.  We were all too sick and disgusting.  I didn’t want to spoil the experience with sneezing and coughing.  Today, I harvested the rhubarb.  It was a good pie.  Now I feel like I am officially a year older. 

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