Beard Pigtails

Not too many dudes are man enough to wear the beard pigtails. It’s a bold statement. It happens when you have daughters.

I love making lists. Below is a list of the projects I am currently working on.

  • I am a stay at home dad. It gets easier every day but everyday I have to work harder to be a better husband and father. The most time consuming aspect of this project is food preparation and laundry.
  • In an attempt to strengthen my written language abilities, I am blogging once a week.
  • Breakfast with Brother Jack is a Saturday morning, live streaming show. Video is the future of audio.
  • My studio to-do list is loaded with tracks that need to be recorded. We have been slowed down by minor health concerns in the Lost Cause. Don’t worry, it’s all good. We are chipping away at the sounds that can be achieved without the full band.
  • I am playing a lot with Ride the Song and we are also working on a demo project.
  • In my ongoing and obsessive pursuit of web design, the website has been completely overhauled, again. We realized a need to sell stuff and we are trying to figure out how to implement a store.
  • Coinciding with selling stuff, Mrs. Brother Jack got a new vinyl cutter and is making all sorts of great merchandise prototypes. I am sure you will see some of them soon.
  • We are also delving into teaching through the development of beginning songwriting workshops. This is completely out of my comfort zone but it has been an amazing experience putting it all together.
  • I am trying to learn more about Instagram. Also, I am trying to learn how to do more with Facebook, while constantly questioning if we should be using it at all. It’s a constant debate for me. Is Facebook a great tool or the sole reason why society is deteriorating?
  • We are trying to migrate the breakfast show over to YouTube. I think it makes sense to be in both places. We are spending some time developing several other show concepts that might eventually be popping up on YouTube as well. Stay tuned.

This is a “now, now, now” page.