I write a post every day, it’s called the Daily Dispatch. You are reading one right now. I’ve committed to write every day. The best way for me to become a better writer is to publish every day. Somedays it might not be worth reading. There have been days when I searched hard for a shortcut or faked it. Some posts have been the bare minimum. Every day when I hit publish somebody may read it. I don’t want to waste their time. I am a better writer than I was before. I hope that I continue to become a better writer. I wouldn’t mind it if I became a truly great writer. To be honest, I just want some of my words to matter. I will be satisfied if I can encourage one person. I just hope that something I write can help somebody feel better. It makes me better every day.

If you don’t get my Daily Dispatch in your mailbox, you should. Some days it is an absolute disaster but it’s getting better.


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