I broke the chain. I missed a day. You probably didn’t notice. I write a post every day.  It is called my Daily Dispatch. You are reading today’s post right now. There was no Dispatch on Sunday, October 30.  We were at a Halloween parade on Saturday. I had intended to write a post about the parade after we got home.  It was very late when we finally got home and the twins had consumed an enormous amount of candy.  Things got out of hand and I completely forgot to write about it.  It took a while on Sunday before I realized what I had done. I had broken my commitment, let myself down, and betrayed my expectations. I almost spiraled out of control as a result.  When you become disappointed with yourself, it is hard to turn things around.  This kind of moment can be a minor blip in the system, something that is forgotten as soon as it happens. Although, sometimes a blip can lead to the sky turning purple, planes falling from the sky, and civilization crumbling. I have accepted my blip and moved forward without any major repercussions. Today is day 2… again.