Board Games

We just introduced our twins (age 6) to the game of Monopoly. They were ruthless. We have a crazy winter weather event happening. As a result, we have no obligations and nowhere that we need to be. We are completely burned out on Christmas movies. It was time to bust out the board games. When I was a kid the holiday break was all about board games. It was common to get a new game as a gift and we would play it non-stop all winter. I remember the year I got Battleship. It was a travel version that we enjoyed on countless road trips until we lost too many of the tiny pegs to play it anymore. We had Guess Who, Yahtzee, and Clue. We played a lot of card games but nothing compared to a week-long checkers tournament. I know you are wondering, regarding our first epic Monopoly game, I did not win.


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