Today, we are going to talk about guitar strings. I know it’s not a fascinating topic but I think there may be a brilliant metaphor in here somewhere. Two days ago, I broke a string while practicing. It was the A-string. I had intended to change all of the strings and do some routine maintenance. However, I got busy. I had a lot of stuff going on and put it off. Now, I urgently need the guitar to be functional. I changed that single broken string. I didn’t want to give up the time required to do it right. I cheated. That single string looks like a beautiful new bronze string. The old strings look old and nasty. Are you familiar with tarnished old spittoons? The sound of the strings corresponds to their appearance. One string sounds bright and new while the others sound like a buzzing, festering mess. Are you familiar with tarnished old spittoons? I shouldn’t have been in such a hurry. I should have taken my time to do it right. I think maybe the metaphor is that if it looks like a tarnished old spittoon, it’s going to sound like spit.


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