Busted Artwork

July 26, 2021

I finished the artwork for my new Busted Banjo project.  Drawing is a new thing for me. I am not good at it yet. I am doing it a lot and trying to get better. I wanted to share all of the iterations of this project.

The project is called Busted Banjo.  I think you can see where I was going with this.          

This one is slightly better than the first iteration.  

This one is worse. It looks more like a hobo with a bag and a stick instead of a banjo. 

I decided to switch to just sketching a broken banjo. There were many attempts to get to this point.  There are several things about this that are not good,  It looks a little bit like a broken leg spewing blood.  

I finally figured out what I wanted to draw.  It’s bright and sunny.  It looks like a banjo.  It sends the message that it is a broken banjo.  There is an awesome letter Z in the center.  I love Zorro.  The banjo head is a little bit lumpy and not circular enough.  I could do better.

This is the winner.  I am satisfied.  This is the Busted Banjo. 



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