By Your Beard They Will Know You

I just read an article that declared beards are no longer cool. This style change makes me so happy. I was bearded long before it was cool and I will continue to be bearded long after it ceases to be cool. If you follow the trends, beards will make a comeback and one day become cool again. When that happens, I will still have a massive beard.

I’ve had a beard in some form or fashion for as long as I can remember. There may be several old photos to the contrary, but I am fairly certain that I exited the womb with a fully formed beard. I was just as bald at that point as well. Also, I came out playing the banjo. Really, not much has changed since the day I was born.

In my pursuit of global domination as a songwriter and performer, I have reached the point where I need a logo. I need a way to bring everything together and signal that it all matches. Shoes, shirts, bags, and anything else you can think of can all be brought together under one cohesive umbrella, if you put the right symbol on everything.

The legendary Bob Ross is one of my primary influences. He was the king of Saturday mornings, at least in the world of public broadcast television during the 1980’s. If you aren’t familiar with him, he told the world about the Joy of Painting. He was known for his massive perm hairdo. I recently read that he hated that hairstyle and desperately wanted to change it. But he knew he was stuck with that hair. His hair was his logo. It was his main identifiable feature.

If I wanted to shear the beard and change my look, it might be too late. I am defined by my whiskers. At this point, I am totally good with that.

Brother Jack’s Logo

Mrs. Brother Jack sketched this logo. It’s creepy how much this little outline looks like me. My mom says it makes me look old. She doesn’t realize that I am gettting old. It is really cool to have an image that can so easily identify me. I am looking forward to putting it on everything. If you want a Brother Jack shirt, we can slap it on there. Songwriting journals or coffee mugs? We can do it. You want Brother Jack underwear with this little logo on your bum? That is not gonna happen. But anything else, we can do it. I am really excited to have a logo. It makes me feel like I have leveled up. Just a little bit more professional than yesterday. Let me know what you think of the new logo.