Lion Tamer

The lion tamer cracks his whip  And the lion’s mouth is shut  He’s tamed every beast that walks this earth  But he’s never tamed his tongue Lion tamer, lion tamer… Continue reading Lion Tamer


Today I got up early I couldn’t sleep  My head was too full Turned on the tv  Looking for the news of the day Well, the weather report  Is the… Continue reading Suddenly

Taco Time

What time is it It’s taco time, down at my house Everybody’s coming over tonight, it’s taco time It’s taco time, down at my house Everybody’s coming over tonight, it’s… Continue reading Taco Time

The Locket

My love carries a photograph  In a locket made of silver  That delicately hangs around her neck So precious to her is that  Locket and its treasure of the  Likeness… Continue reading The Locket


Old man Judas had a hill  On the outskirts of town He built himself a big tall gallows  To hang himself from With a kiss he sealed the deal Everything’s… Continue reading Judas


Your fingers curled over  The top of my headboard My hands gently tracing Soft parts of your arm I can feel, on your fourth finger The reminder of him If… Continue reading David


There’s a full moon rising up over the hill I’m sleeping on that cold, cold ground The wind is whispering through the treetops I’m laying on that cold, cold ground… Continue reading Coyotes


Twister is touching ground The ground begins to shake And the water is rising The sky is turning black The stars are all snuffed out And the moon, the moon… Continue reading Joel

Yea, Thou I Walk

This dark valley, this dark valley This dark valley, I’m walking through This dark valley, this dark valley This dark valley, that I’m walking on through Well, my pack is… Continue reading Yea, Thou I Walk

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Where I Go

Well Judy Garland, she died on the toilet From an alleged drug overdose And Elvis, the king, he died on the toilet For him it was a heart attack Arius… Continue reading Where I Go

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I got home and found hanging on my fence A hollow, empty shell from a locust He shed his armor now, that brave boy The rain will fall, the wind… Continue reading Bugs

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Graveyard Song

We go dancing in the light, light of the new moon It’s the night the ghouls come out, they’ll be walking soon This graveyard is full of stones Chipped and… Continue reading Graveyard Song

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Do you know how to read a map Use your finger and trace that line Any town, any place Where we end up God only knows When this is over… Continue reading Maps

The Way

Neighbor to neighbor And nose to nose Fighting and fussing  Is how it goes You don’t agree So, you’re wrong I’m sure I yell at you And then we fight… Continue reading The Way


That smell gets me every time It’s a coffee and a hot griddle You loved to make me some pancakes Your kitchen was a special place Pancakes dripping Butter sliding… Continue reading Pancakes


Called my brother up the other day He said, hey brother I got something to say Don’t you think you’ve been here long enough It’s time for you to move… Continue reading Grief


Turn off the television, it’s all bad news It’s just your local weather report and other half truths If you really got to know if it’s raining, than open up… Continue reading Windows


When the visitors come from outer space Will they find anyone left of the human race Will we all be destroyed by an evil pandemic Because our fussing and fighting… Continue reading Visitors