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  • Broken and Beautiful

    Your baby blues are bloodshot now You’ve been at it way too long I know it hurts It’s gonna hurt for a while You traded trust for heartache That wasn’t […]

  • Silence

    I wake up in the night and it’s so quiet I’m listening for that snore What I wouldn’t give to hear you breathing Nothing sounds like the silence Hello darkness, […]

  • Cosmoline

    Cosmoline, Cosmoline Cosmoline, so pure and clean When fire reigns down from the sky Everything I knew is turned to ash I bury my face into the mud To cool […]

  • Ghosts

    If I squint my eyes When I squint my eyes It’s the time of day when the light begins to play I look across the room and see her standing […]

  • Mr. Malarkey

    Mr Malarkey blah blah blah Mr malarkey nah nah Mr Malarkey blah blah blah Mr Malarkey ohhhh Mr Malarkey likes to hear himself speak He once told a story it […]

  • Artemis Suite

    I’m not doing the girl thing Where I say one thing but really mean the other Say what I mean or what I think I mean Sometimes I guess I […]

  • Adrienne

    Pigtails and sneakers, your dirty face Sticky fingered little girl wrapped up in ribbon and lace Mirrors and hairbrush, you’re playing dress up Make up and perfume, perfume, accessorize Macaroni […]

  • Kate

    Reciting sappy love song lyrics I’m hoping you’re the ears meant to hear them And I, I don’t know what this all means But I know what it seems It […]

  • Anna

    So scared, so scared and unprepared Nothing is the same anymore I am just a child Won’t you please take care of me Mistakes, mistakes, I’ve made a few Will […]

  • Lisa

    I feel alone, so cold and alone No one here beside me to lend a hand And you don’t understand who I am I feel so empty gotta fill it […]

  • Gwen

    She walks out to sea With the wind in her hair And the warm sand soothing her feet There’s no one around Except the morning gulls Scavenging the treasures on […]

  • Julie

    Put my coat on With a briefcase in my hand Open up the door and step out into the world A smile painted on my face As I pass the […]

  • Debbie

    I got home from work early Put the dinner on the stove Longing for the “I love you’s” You’d whisper when we were alone I yearn for the yesterdays When […]

  • Idea 9

    Never again, I feel the wind brush my cheek Never again, I see the flowers reach for the sky Never again, I see the moon reflecting down Looking down on […]

  • Whistle at the Sky

    On the day I was born Wiped the blood from my brow Shook that doctor’s hand Wah, wah, wah I made a deal Living ain’t cheap But it’s all smooth […]

  • Little Bird

    I look out the window The sky is a shade of grey There is a single bird Sitting by himself He looks like he is lost Can’t find his little […]

  • Statue of Liberty

    Hypocrisy met judgment Mistakes were made You wouldn’t go You wouldn’t even say my name Your wine is from the bitter grapes It’s the poison of the dragon The cruel, […]

  • I Like to Run

    I like to run, it jiggles my brain I like to run, it’s quite insane When I go for a run I pretend there are zombies chasing me It’s really […]

  • Soundtrack for a Bike Ride

    I was out in the yard one day  I heard a sound coming up over the hill It was that boomy kind of music that I don’t understand I look […]

  • Organ Grinder

    The organ grinder plays a song  Upon the old pump organ It’s her favorite melody She plays it soft and low She plays it soft and low You’d never even […]

  • Knife Girl

    It’s a knife in my back When you left for Omaha You said you had to go see your mother Everyone knows that she’s been dead for years What’s a […]

  • Lion Tamer

    The lion tamer cracks his whip  And the lion’s mouth is shut  He’s tamed every beast that walks this earth  But he’s never tamed his tongue Lion tamer, lion tamer […]

  • Valley of Dry Bones

    Why did you leave me alone in the dessert Why did you lead me to this valley of dry bones Why did you leave me alone in the dessert Why […]

  • Joyous Noise (on a Busted Banjo)

    You can hear it in the breeze Blowing through the leaves up in all the trees You can hear it in the neighbor’s car Going beep, beep, beep cause he […]

  • Rivers of Light

    Scientists say that the world is gonna end today Our sun is done, now the flames will come It’s a great big, burning ball of gas Raining down on all […]

  • Cat in the Christmas Tree

    There’s a cat in the Christmas tree  Oh me, Oh my She climbed up so very high There’s a cat in the Christmas tree  Oh me, Oh my You silly […]

  • Pawnshops and Second Hand Stores

    Packing up my boyhood plans I used to have so many Going down to the second hand store To pawn off this old guitar To invest in something new Got […]

  • Narration 2, Merry Go Round

    Our happy Hero Seems to have won Princess with his song But life can be funny sometimes It’s the thing he wanted the most Is the very thing that terrifies […]

  • Narration 3, Questions

    Another step forward And another step back Hero will find a friend A companion  And maybe even a lover But we all search through this dream This fantasy  And we […]

  • Promises, Carousel Theme 4

    No one knows how things will end So dangerous to promise I could swear by the stars What is that worth With guesses and predictions Who can know No one […]

  • Will You, Carousel Theme 3

    Call it what you will Knowing for sure or just being scared I’ve been through it all I’m out of excuses  I guess it’s time I can see in you  […]

  • Laundry Day, Carousel Theme 2

    It’s laundry day again I’m out of clean socks Start the water, add the soap Well, here’s a load of mine Throw in what you got We’ll separate it later […]

  • Spend the Day, Interlude 1

    Sitting alone in my room Listening to Louis Armstrong  Sing his song Imagining you are here with me We’re dancing What a wonderful world that would be I can think […]

  • Finale and Lullaby

    Sleep tonight my angel I will stay till you’re asleep I know it’s been a long day But sleep tonight Sleep tonight Sleep tonight my love I know that you’re […]

  • Suddenly

    Today I got up early I couldn’t sleep  My head was too full Turned on the tv  Looking for the news of the day Well, the weather report  Is the […]

  • How It All Began, Carousel Theme 1

    Final leg of a journey  Started last week Out here on the road Searching for something more You’ve always been such a friend You say come on down and stay […]

  • Chestnut Street Serenade

    The Chestnut Street serenade Singing for you, all the songs that I know Trying to melt your heart with my song I don’t know what I’d do If my plan […]

  • Say Anything

    Take all the romantic things  That I’ve ever done They don’t amount to much at all  Without someone to hold Take all my broken hearts  And all the pain I’ve […]

  • Narration 1, Once Upon a Time

    In classic fashion We begin our tale  With once upon a time Once upon a time The scene Could’ve been anywhere Let’s say in early spring And for characters, only […]

  • Johnsons Reel

    The band’s on the back porch Just picking Johnson’s reel All the girls are in the yard Kicking up their heels So what, if you don’t know the steps Just […]

  • Taco Time

    What time is it It’s taco time, down at my house Everybody’s coming over tonight, it’s taco time It’s taco time, down at my house Everybody’s coming over tonight, it’s […]

  • Jonah

    The good Lord came to me and said Boy, you gotta go where you don’t want to go The good Lord came to me and said Boy, you gotta do […]

  • The Locket

    My love carries a photograph  In a locket made of silver  That delicately hangs around her neck So precious to her is that  Locket and its treasure of the  Likeness […]

  • Kiss Me

    Kiss me softly, kiss me warm Kiss me like it’s the first time again Kiss me hard, kiss me fast Kiss me like you know it’s gonna be your last […]

  • Meet Me at the River

    Your peace is a river, I’m swimming to shore You threw me an apple, I’m chewing on the core I’m treading water, I can see the horizon line Keep my […]

  • Boom Boom Ticka Ticka

    Boom boom ticka ticka boom boom Boom boom ticka ticka boom Boom boom ticka ticka boom boom Boom boom ticka ticka boom He walked down, hat tipped back An old […]

  • Jug Handle Hill

    He lived in words He lived in quiet solitude He spent his days With a little dog named Napoleon It’d be easy to explain it away To say that he […]

  • Thanksgiving Day

    Jesus had a Thanksgiving too You can read about it in the Bible He had his twelve closest friends there They were sitting there beside him He sliced the bread […]

  • This Dark Night

    Night has come, the sun it is set Night has come, the sun it is set Night has come, the sun it is set We’ll sing together in this dark […]

  • Ode to Death

    When the end comes  Well, you have to say goodbye So long, see you later Wish I didn’t have to go Here I am checking out  I bought the farm […]

  • Signs of the Time

    Going across town on the 8th street bridge Passing that old railroad yard Noses to tails, they are lining up As far as I can see here, it’s rusty old […]

  • Fox and Coyote

    Fox went out with his brother coyote They walked out upon the fields Just before the morning would break They knew where all the little birds go They knew where […]

  • Oddballs, Old Friends, and Weird Folk

    I got a lot of old friends Everyone of them started out as a new friend So I guess I’ll go out and make a lot more new friends Eventually, […]

  • How Do You Hold Your Coffee Cup

    You can tell a lot about a person By the way they hold their coffee cup You gotta grab it like you mean it Hold it like you need it […]

  • Judas

    Old man Judas had a hill  On the outskirts of town He built himself a big tall gallows  To hang himself from With a kiss he sealed the deal Everything’s […]

  • Hen House

    I went down to the hen house, the hen house To see what I could happen to find There’s my old chicken, my chicken Good old Martha, that hen of […]

  • Banjo Love (song)

    We’ll drink from a jar I’ll show you my scars You hate the sound of the banjo I can’t write a love song I’ve been loving for way too long […]

  • Love is a Butcher (song)

    The old man stood on the top of the hill  With his son and a very sharp knife His loving God demanded for payment A living sacrifice The good Lord […]

  • David

    Your fingers curled over  The top of my headboard My hands gently tracing Soft parts of your arm I can feel, on your fourth finger The reminder of him If […]

  • Blue Ribbon

    Last year’s tomato vines  Lay rotten on the ground When the winter snow melts off You can see the remains of the day A window sill whiskey bottle  Holds what’s […]

  • Coyotes

    There’s a full moon rising up over the hill I’m sleeping on that cold, cold ground The wind is whispering through the treetops I’m laying on that cold, cold ground […]

  • Old (Older) Vinyl

    Sitting in your living room Listening to old vinyl records play We’ll get up and practice our dancing moves As we so often have a tendency to do As the […]

  • Naked Eyes (Wedding Version)

    Naked eyes Showing you everything I’m holding inside Naked eyes Showing you everything I’m trying to hide Don’t look at me that way I can see the whole world in […]

  • Naked Eyes

    Don’t look at me that way No one has ever looked at me  And saw what you see Trying to hide behind an open window Sometimes it would be easier  […]

  • Kings and Queens

    Well, you’re siting at my elbow Perched high atop a bar room throne We’re in a long line of great  Friday night escape artists I got a double Irish And […]

  • Rest My Soul

    It’s honey on my tongue Hallelujah on my lips It’s the shiver down my spine When I tuck her hair behind her ear Shiver my timbers Rest my soul Hold […]

  • Valentines Day Massacre

    It was back in 1981 I was waiting on a bus You came up to me and you said, hello I think it was a Thursday A few weeks later […]

  • Still Moonshine

    I went walking late last night to See what I could happen to see Found an old moonshine still just Sitting right there still for me So I thought I’d […]

  • Fat in the Frying Pan

    Put the fat in the frying pan and listen to it sizzle Put the fat in the frying pan and listen to it sssss Put the fat in the frying […]

  • How the Deserts Were Made

    Ever since the beginning of time There’s been songs written about heartache And man’s forever quest to get over it This song ain’t much different It includes all the same […]

  • Curse of Adam

    The Lord told Adam that for his crime There would be punishment, he had to do hard time Pack your crap boy and hit the road One way or another, […]

  • Lullaby Number 2

    There will be no need for a lamp There will be no more night When we gather by the river But for now, my child sleep Water flows just like […]

  • Top of the Hill

    The men work the forest The lumber is cut  The nails are pounded  The platform is built Up on the hilltop You can see the world  Up on the hillside […]

  • Old Hymns

    Sitting on a bar stool, in this smoky haze Got a gin and tonic to clear my mind Sitting here thinking about the return of Jesus Christ And the way […]

  • River Jordan

    The state came in 1908 and took my Grandpap’s farm A handful of losses would surely save the masses He watched his years rot away, he said he didn’t need […]

  • Joel

    Twister is touching ground The ground begins to shake And the water is rising The sky is turning black The stars are all snuffed out And the moon, the moon […]

  • Gone Fishin’

    I went down in the cold March water You get a line, honey and I’ll get a pole We’ll go fishing in the old baptizing hole The old baptizing hole […]

  • Blood of the Lamb

    I had a little lamb it’s fleece was dripping red The blood of the little lamb filled my supper glass The blood of the little lamb smeared around the door […]

  • Whiskey Bottle

    It’s Friday night, I’m on the hooch again I promised myself I’d stay sober today I put on my cleanest shirt and I comb my hair I’m headed out for […]

  • Overture for Clarinet and Organ

    Now, there was an angel who had a sickle  He came out from having it sharpened When he came out, he ran into the angel Who was in charge of […]

  • Apples Revised

    Wise men say let your heart be your guide Wise men say let your heart be your guide Wise men say let your heart be your guide Ever since the […]

  • Yea, Thou I Walk

    This dark valley, this dark valley This dark valley, I’m walking through This dark valley, this dark valley This dark valley, that I’m walking on through Well, my pack is […]

  • Where I Go

    Well Judy Garland, she died on the toilet From an alleged drug overdose And Elvis, the king, he died on the toilet For him it was a heart attack Arius […]

  • Snake Ate My Radio

    Well, here I sit all on mine own Chewing on some old chicken bones He popped right up, out of the ground That old snake ate my radio He slithered […]

  • Bugs

    I got home and found hanging on my fence A hollow, empty shell from a locust He shed his armor now, that brave boy The rain will fall, the wind […]

  • Sacrament of Coffee (song)

    Time for my daily sacrament of coffee Everything is prepared just right I sip it Coffee’s cold Well, most mornings it’s a real struggle for us to get out the […]

  • Graveyard Song

    We go dancing in the light, light of the new moon It’s the night the ghouls come out, they’ll be walking soon This graveyard is full of stones Chipped and […]

  • Lost Cause

    Grandma is up a tree Waiting for the rapture I guess I should mention She’s completely nude She’s up there waiting For her Lord and Savior to return She shed […]

  • Raise Your Hand

    Sometimes it’s hard To catch your breath Your chest gets tight Oh, what a mess You can’t see Any good reason You feel so foolish This is happening again Everything […]

  • Chicken Skin Shake

    Pops has had too much coffee He’s pacing a hole in the floor Mom is, um, paranoid She’s checking the locks on all the doors It’s not that she doesn’t […]

  • Maps

    Do you know how to read a map Use your finger and trace that line Any town, any place Where we end up God only knows When this is over […]

  • The Way

    Neighbor to neighbor And nose to nose Fighting and fussing  Is how it goes You don’t agree So, you’re wrong I’m sure I yell at you And then we fight […]

  • Bleeding Time

    They say that we are all In the same boat Looking around, I don’t see nobody But me, myself, and I Maybe it’s not the same boat But the very […]

  • Pancakes

    That smell gets me every time It’s a coffee and a hot griddle You loved to make me some pancakes Your kitchen was a special place Pancakes dripping Butter sliding […]

  • Nostalgic

    Remember that place down on fourth street We used to go in for a slice after work The guy in there, I think his name was Joe, I really can’t […]

  • Agoraphobia

    I turned on the six o’clock news All the faces and all the names Pretty sure it must be a lie All the faces and all the names It’s not […]

  • Beautiful Grace

    I light a candle  For everything I’ve ever wanted and lost For everyone I ever loved and lost Calling on my patron saint The saint of regret and mistakes The […]

  • A Chance

    Here we go again my friend Thinking about trying to make it work Reminds me of the time when we were kids We thought we knew it all, when will […]

  • Kissing Tree

    Scratch in the dirt and plant a kiss Dig a hole for someone we’ll miss Plant a kiss, with a rusty hoe Mound the ground and let it go Meet […]

  • Grief

    Called my brother up the other day He said, hey brother I got something to say Don’t you think you’ve been here long enough It’s time for you to move […]

  • Windows

    Turn off the television, it’s all bad news It’s just your local weather report and other half truths If you really got to know if it’s raining, than open up […]

  • Visitors

    When the visitors come from outer space Will they find anyone left of the human race Will we all be destroyed by an evil pandemic Because our fussing and fighting […]

  • My Favorite Old Sweater

    This song is about my favorite old sweater You will know what I am talking about  Everybody has a favorite old sweater You’ve been through some stuff together Breakups, kisses, […]

  • Shadowlands

    Further up and farther in Check the map, see how far we’ve gone Moving on and moving fast Don’t want to see where I’ve been Oh, the shadowlands Oh, the […]

  • The Hand Song

    I thought about writing you a poem With words like cherish and adore Too bad, I’m not a poet I thought about picking you some flowers I would put them […]

  • Surprise Me

    I got a letter from a friend of mine She said she was just thinking about me She was driving home on an overcast afternoon Underneath a canopy of fall […]

  • Pedal Down

    Pedal down now It’s ninety more miles to Portland, Maine It’s getting darker now Got to find a place to lay my head Maybe I’ll just keep going Push on […]