Cat’s are Vengeful

She was sitting in the middle of a step about halfway down the staircase. She chose that spot because it’s the most awkward and inconvenient. She’s an 18-year-old cat and can’t hear much anymore. I was trying to go down the steps. I had planned my route so that I could avoid squashing her. She didn’t hear me until I was one step away. Cats are twitchy buggers. Therefore as I was about to step beside her she turned into a whirling demon. She did eight laps around each of my feet, ran up my back, and then gave me a look that implied she was completely offended by the way I snuck up on her. After I finished watching my life flash before my eyes, I continued down the stairs. Fifteen minutes later I discovered a giant pile of cat poop on my studio floor. Cats are vengeful creatures.

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