September 5 2021

I haven’t been blogging consistently.  My inner monologue has been drifting into some darker places this week.  When I sit down to write, the only thing I want to write about is obviously something that nobody else needs to read.  My ramblings from this place do not seem like something worth sharing.  Then I remembered that blogging is not about other people.  This is where I work stuff out.  If it happens to be interesting, entertaining, or uplifting, that is great.  Ultimately it is where I solve my problems.  

So here is the thing, I have been a “part-time musician” for the previous fifteen years.  My twins just started kindergarten. I had grand illusions that when everyone went back to school, I would be able to be more “full-time.” That has not been true.  We had hurricanes, pandemics, doctor appointments, meltdowns, and a minor bout of diarrhea.  It’s difficult to know the next step when you can’t comprehend when you will be able to make that step.  All right universe, I get it.  It’s a stale mate.  But now it is time for the next game.  Set it up, let’s go.  

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