Charley Horse

I have been very out of shape for far too long. I’m trying to rectify this situation and I started exercising. It’s nothing too strenuous at this point. I’m just trying to be more active. As a result of this activity, I found myself thrashing about on the floor with a serious charley horse. In case you aren’t familiar with the term, a charley horse is a leg cramp. After identifying that it was a charlie horse and not a demonic poltergeist, my wife quipped, “I wonder where did the phrase charley horse come from?” While rubbing out my leg cramp, I spent some time on google.  The term originated in the baseball culture of the late 1880s.  The exact origin is unclear. It might be related to the horse that pulled the roller that maintained the field in Chicago.  It might be related to a pitcher named Charley.  It might be because when a player ran the bases with a leg cramp, he looked like he was riding a wooden toy horse. I think it’s because that is the sound I make when I’m thrashing about in pain. Charrrrrrrrr-leeeeeeeeee! 

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