Chicken Skin Groove

Wednesday Words

I wrote a song called “Chicken Skin Shake” during that weird period in time when nobody was leaving their house. I am sure that you remember. 2020 was a weird year. I have wanted to rewrite the first verse for a while. The rest of the song feels timeless but the first verse might need an explanation. A song that requires being put into context isn’t a good song. I need your help. I am working on a new verse. Let me know what you think. Is the new verse better than the old verse?

New Version:
Get up on your feet
Get to the middle of the floor
Don’t worry about who might see
There’s no one at the door
Starting to shiver and to twitch
You know you got to move
Come on darling
It’s the chicken skin groove

Old Version:
Pops has had too much coffee
He’s pacing a hole in the floor
Mom is, um, paranoid
She’s checking the locks on all the doors
It’s not that she doesn’t want anybody busting in
She doesn’t want us getting out
It’s a quarantine, honey
Stomp, and shimmy, shake, and shout