Chord Charts

July 21, 2021

I am working on putting together a collection of chord charts for my songs. It blows my mind that anybody out there would like one of my songs enough to want to play it. I’ve had some requests and I’m honored to share my chicken scratch.  I am proud of my work but this is a whole new level.  Another human being is taking my work and making it their own. 

The problem that I have encountered is that I am not very good at writing stuff down.  There are songs in my back catalog that have never had pen touch paper.  I guess it is good for me to sit down and figure out what I play.  I can’t share my chord charts if I don’t know how to play my songs.  

 If you are interested, check it out here.  I’ll be adding more songs as I figure them out.  



2 responses to “Chord Charts”

  1. Göran Greus Avatar
    Göran Greus

    You’re too modest. I play some of your songs sometimes and they are fun to play.
    Boom boom was the first. My problem is to get the right accent.😅… I don’t really sound like an american. More like a mix of Brittish-scottish-american-swedish. It sounds weird.
    But I think this a great idea for those who don’t have time, knowledge or willingness to figure out the chord progressions on their own. Go for it!
    Brother Göran

    1. brotherjackslostcause Avatar

      I don’t think anyone should strive to match my awful accent!!!

      I would love to hear Boom Boom with a British-Scottish-American-Swedish accent. I bet it sounds great.

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