The Queen of Christmas

I finished my Christmas shopping.  I only needed to buy a gift for Mrs. Brother Jack. She buys all of the presents in our house. It’s a delegation of responsibility with which I am completely comfortable. Like most American dads, I am as surprised on Christmas morning as the kids. She does it all because she is good at it. She is the queen of Christmas. I am great at folding laundry and washing dishes. Shopping and wrapping and general merriment are not my strong suits. I went shopping and accomplished most of what I set out to do.  It was not easy. Several older ladies got mad at me. I tend to stand and linger. I get lost and disoriented and create a roadblock in the aisle.  Maybe if I did more shopping I would get good at it. I don’t think it is a skill I need to cultivate.  I am married to the queen of Christmas and she’s got it covered.  


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