Coffee Money

My kids were involved with an activity this past week where money was being collected for a good cause. To be honest, I don’t remember what the good cause was. If I had to guess, it involved orphans. The collection for the good cause required cash. Paper money is rare at my house. I checked under all of the couch cushions and in all of the winter coat pockets. I eventually found a handful of singles under the seat of my truck. I worked hard to find this cash and was nervous that I might forget to send it with them. I placed the wad of cash on the stand that serves as my command center with my to-do list, a note reminding me to send cash for the good cause, my pencil case full of broken pencils, and my earbuds. Then I got a cup of coffee. I intended to set the coffee on the stand as well. This is the area where most of my important, daily work happens. I was distracted by a squirrel outside the window and dumped the entire cup of coffee all over the stand. Spilling coffee is a sacrilege. I can’t believe I made such a tremendous mess. After cleaning up all of the wasted sacrament, the coffee-soaked papers were laid out on the counter to dry. My dad always said, “Never cry over spilled coffee.”

Happy Father’s Day and may your cash always smell like coffee.


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