Cooking with Gas

When we got home from camping, we discovered a strong odor of natural gas in front of our house. As a reference point, natural gas is the standard means of heating and cooking in our area. The efficacy of natural gas as a fuel is far above my pay grade. I called the gas company to report the problem. They sent a guy who was able to confirm that it did indeed smell like natural gas. He called in a request for a crew to come and investigate the alleged smell. They showed up and began jackhammering to determine if there was an actual odor. Miraculously, we were all able to get much-needed, post-camping hot showers before the hot water was turned off. The heavy equipment started around midnight and pounded onward for 12 hours. They were able to fix the leak and the crisis was averted. I’ve never been happier that I don’t smoke. I spent three nights in a tent and my first night in my bed was spent listening to the gentle buzz of jackhammers. I could use some peace and quiet. I know it’s a “first-world problem” but I missed hot water.


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