We haven’t had a drop of rain in almost 10 days. This isn’t normal for the month of May. I had no intentions of planting a big garden but I did tuck some seeds into the ground. I planted some cucumber seeds, some giant pumpkins, and a row of beans. It wasn’t meant to be a labor-intensive project. I don’t have time or patience for tomatoes or peppers. During any normal year, these seeds would have gotten some rain and sprouted on their own. Mother Nature is supposed to take care of everything. We didn’t get any rain, the seeds haven’t sprouted, and I am starting to suspect that they never will. I guess I should have helped out. Ironically, the weeds continue to grow without any assistance at all. This seems like it might be a great metaphor involving habits. All of the good things, like eating right and exercising, would be much easier if the conditions were perfect. All of my bad habits seem to thrive without any encouragement at all.


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