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  • Legacy Artists

    All of the marketing experts give the same advice. If you want to “grow your audience,” follow these simple steps. Find and follow the artists that you love and imitate their posts. Mimic the work that they are doing on social media. Don’t be afraid to simply copy everything that they are doing. If you do this consistently, “your audience will explode.” The problem that I have with this approach is that all of the artists that I love are not spending time making content for social media. Old dogs can do new tricks but they will stick with the old tricks if they have a choice.

  • Red Rubber Ball

    “Hey Pops…

    This isn’t related at all to what you were talking about but I think it’s weird. Whenever I try to make my brain think about nothing, all I can think about is thinking about nothing.”

  • No Haircuts

    An average movie is probably two hours long. The story portrayed in the movie might take place over a couple of days. It will take months (or longer) to shoot the footage required to make the movie. During that time, the actors involved must meticulously maintain their hair. Unless a haircut is part of the plot, hair length must remain the same for the entire time that the movie is being made. I have never thought about this before.

    I am still chipping away at the first episode of my Uncle Boozie project. Most of the episode is recorded but I still need to shoot some footage for one of the main segments. The rest of the episode was recorded six weeks ago. A beard can grow a lot in six weeks. This time of year I always get an itch to trim my beard. I can’t do that until I get my footage but I also can’t let it get any longer. Uncle Boozie is very high maintenance.

  • Fat in the Frying Pan is Done

    The first song in the Uncle Boozie series is finished. My goal is that there will be a corresponding video. I need to track down some friendly chickens for that part. In the meantime, here is an audio version.

    If the audio player doesn’t display in your email reader, click here to listen to the finished track.

  • Commercials

    Hey Pops…

    “Why does this show have so many commercials and they are the same ones over and over? It is such a waste, we are never going to buy their junk.”

  • Asparagus Season

    I love the changing seasons. Sometimes you are unaware that the change has happened until you get a signal. In the spring, that signal is asparagus. It is officially asparagus season. There is nothing better than fresh, local asparagus. Asparagus season doesn’t last long. Don’t miss it.

  • The Worst Rhyme

    Wednesday Words

    Sugary juice, majestic nectar
    Pitch the yeast, breathe in the splendor

    I am writing a new song about wine. These lines will be in the second verse. This is without question, the worst rhyme that I have ever written. But I like it. You can’t make a glass of wine without crushing some grapes and these grapes taste like a ridiculous rhyme.

  • The Pitcher

    We were watching a little bit of a televised baseball game.

    My son asked, “Why does the thrower lick his fingers every time before he does the throw?”

    “He is the pitcher. Pitchers do lots of weird stuff like that. It’s all about licking and itching and spitting.”

    ”It would be cool to be a pitcher.”

    Then my little girl added her opinion. “He probably gets lots of viruses. Everybody is touching that ball and he keeps licking his fingers.”

  • Maggie

    I will never forget the first time you ran straight up my back. I think it was your first weekend in our home. I was washing dishes in the kitchen. I was wearing shorts and nothing else. So what, I was washing dishes without a shirt. Don’t judge me. Anyhow, I was washing dishes and minding my own business when you ran into the kitchen, climbed up my back, and perched on my shoulder. All 20 of your tiny, razor-sharp claws left their mark. During the first couple of years, you spent a lot of time perched on my shoulder. You kept our home mouse-free and full of hairballs for the past 19 years. We miss you so much. You were a good cat.

  • Banjo Love is 13

    It might be silly to celebrate this record. It’s a small project with low quality instruments that was made over a weekend back in 2011. I had given up on music (again) and was completely lost. This project was my last hoorah before being completely done with music. It was released thirteen years ago today and it gave me hope. Banjo Love is the reason why I am still working.

    Streaming everywhere.