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  • Dementia

    This is a topic that I haven’t really addressed up to this point because I didn’t know what to say about it. I still don’t know what to say. Taking care of an aging parent is hard. Dementia is brutal. We are currently working through some hard choices. Even when the answer is obvious to everyone involved, it is still a hard choice. This is the first post on this topic and I am fairly certain there will be more.

  • Gamer

    “Hey Pops…

    I know what I want to do for a job when I grow up. People are going to pay me so they can watch me play video games.”

    “I’m not sure people are going to pay you for that.”

    “I like to play video games and I will keep practicing. I will be so good my job will be to play video games for people to watch.”

    “I guess it could happen.”

    ”I think it will be a great job. If it doesn’t work out, the only other job I want is to be a pickpocket.”

  • Smells Like Rainbow

    “Hey Pops…

    I bet a rainbow would smell really good. What do you think a rainbow smells like? I bet it smells like mist and also apples.”

    Hit reply and let me know what you think a rainbow smells like?

  • Summer Nights

    We are in the middle of a “heat dome.” That is a modern meteorological term for what we used to refer to as “summertime.” It’s hot and miserable. A dust cloud is forming where the yard used to be. At least I shouldn’t have to mow this week.

    I took the dog out to pee before I went to bed. There was a full moon rising over the hill behind our house. Lightning bugs were blinking their primal call all over the backyard. It was so incredibly humid that I was sweating while standing still at midnight. This is sticky weather. When I was a kid, the old timers would say “It is close.” I don’t know the origin of this expression. It’s probably related to the fact that it is too hot and humid for a grandma to want a kid on her lap. You know it’s hot when that happens.

    The dog finished peeing and we lingered an extra minute. It was nice soaking in all of the summer vibes. It’s a perfect summer night even if it is a little close.

  • the New Puppy Diet

    Our puppy has been sleeping in front of the refrigerator every evening. It’s a new thing. I’m not sure why this is her new spot but it is. She stretches out long, parallel to the refrigerator door. She is so adorable, I hate to disturb her. It’s like she knows there is bacon in there and she is protecting it. Between her new napping habits and her incessant need to go for walks, I’m wasting away to nothing.

  • Delicious

    Our puppy is going through a serious chewy phase. Pepper is gnawing on everything. My son hit his limit with the chewiness.

    ”Why is she chewing on my knees when she has toys right there?”

    “Maybe she thinks you taste better than her toys.”

    ”That’s true, I’m delicious.”

  • Trust vs. Sin

    Wednesday Words

    I just did I rewrite of my song called “Apples Revised.” This song is at least 20 years old. I used to play it a lot but have grown to not enjoy it. I switched two lines and it feels like a brand new song for me.

    Below are two groups of four lines. They are the last lines of all four verses of “Apples Revised.” The first set is the original version and the second set is the updated version.

    My guide has always been my stomach
    I carry my sin in my stomach
    It's impossible to fill my stomach
    The surest way to hell is through my stomach

    My guide has always been my stomach
    It's impossible to fill my stomach
    I can never trust my stomach
    The surest way to hell is through my stomach
  • Cry Songwriting

    My new record is almost finished. “Almost” is a strong word but it’s getting really close. I am proud of the record and I can’t wait for the whole world to hear it. I am realizing that very few people are going to know about this project unless I find a good way to promote it. I have been contemplating a video series about the songwriting associated with this project. I love talking about songwriting and I have been wanting to do some longer videos. I spent some time thinking about what I would talk about. I have been focused on this record for so long that I don’t really want to talk about it anymore. Maybe this is why major artists hire companies to promote their records. I might be getting the cart ahead of the horse but you can’t haul hay any other way.

  • Whimper

    Our carpet was destroyed by our geriatric cat. We are working on removing the offending upholstery and cleaning up the situation. The dog was locked in the kitchen while I was scrubbing the floor. She was crying and carrying on because she can’t stand to be alone. My baby girl was feeling bad for her puppy.

    “Hey Pops… She needs to learn how to be by herself.”

    ”She reminds me of you. You have the same problem”

    “At least I don’t whimper like that.”


    ”Well, maybe sometimes but it’s so lonely.”

  • A New Shelf

    Every greeting card holiday deserves an obligatory post. Here is a Father’s Day Dispatch.

    Becoming a father is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. What more can I say about the holiday?

    To celebrate we will probably go out to a big box store where we will purchase a board and some hardware. Then I will spend the day making a shelf to hold a ridiculous amount of unnecessary toys. I promised to make this shelf a year ago. A year seems like the appropriate amount of time to put off a basic household chore. It’s a classic dad thing. The most important thing is that when we are out contemplating what kind of brackets we need for our shelf, we will find some ice cream. Ice cream makes everything special, even a new shelf.