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  • Delicious

    Our puppy is going through a serious chewy phase. Pepper is gnawing on everything. My son hit his limit with the chewiness.

    ”Why is she chewing on my knees when she has toys right there?”

    “Maybe she thinks you taste better than her toys.”

    ”That’s true, I’m delicious.”

  • Trust vs. Sin

    Wednesday Words

    I just did I rewrite of my song called “Apples Revised.” This song is at least 20 years old. I used to play it a lot but have grown to not enjoy it. I switched two lines and it feels like a brand new song for me.

    Below are two groups of four lines. They are the last lines of all four verses of “Apples Revised.” The first set is the original version and the second set is the updated version.

    My guide has always been my stomach
    I carry my sin in my stomach
    It's impossible to fill my stomach
    The surest way to hell is through my stomach

    My guide has always been my stomach
    It's impossible to fill my stomach
    I can never trust my stomach
    The surest way to hell is through my stomach
  • Cry Songwriting

    My new record is almost finished. “Almost” is a strong word but it’s getting really close. I am proud of the record and I can’t wait for the whole world to hear it. I am realizing that very few people are going to know about this project unless I find a good way to promote it. I have been contemplating a video series about the songwriting associated with this project. I love talking about songwriting and I have been wanting to do some longer videos. I spent some time thinking about what I would talk about. I have been focused on this record for so long that I don’t really want to talk about it anymore. Maybe this is why major artists hire companies to promote their records. I might be getting the cart ahead of the horse but you can’t haul hay any other way.

  • Whimper

    Our carpet was destroyed by our geriatric cat. We are working on removing the offending upholstery and cleaning up the situation. The dog was locked in the kitchen while I was scrubbing the floor. She was crying and carrying on because she can’t stand to be alone. My baby girl was feeling bad for her puppy.

    “Hey Pops… She needs to learn how to be by herself.”

    ”She reminds me of you. You have the same problem”

    “At least I don’t whimper like that.”


    ”Well, maybe sometimes but it’s so lonely.”

  • A New Shelf

    Every greeting card holiday deserves an obligatory post. Here is a Father’s Day Dispatch.

    Becoming a father is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. What more can I say about the holiday?

    To celebrate we will probably go out to a big box store where we will purchase a board and some hardware. Then I will spend the day making a shelf to hold a ridiculous amount of unnecessary toys. I promised to make this shelf a year ago. A year seems like the appropriate amount of time to put off a basic household chore. It’s a classic dad thing. The most important thing is that when we are out contemplating what kind of brackets we need for our shelf, we will find some ice cream. Ice cream makes everything special, even a new shelf.

  • Worst Stick Figure Ever

    Practice makes perfect. The lack of practice certainly doesn’t make anything better.

    I wanted to learn how to draw. Practicing every day allowed me to see rapid improvements. I wasn’t good yet but I was able to put some lines on a paper that did a good job representing the idea that I intended. I don’t know why or when I forgot to keep practicing. I needed some artwork for a potential new project. I thought it would be a simple task. I put Sharpie to paper and couldn’t even draw a convincing stick figure. My stick-figure guy holding a guitar looked like a vaguely obscene squiggle. It was bad. My art skills have regressed.

  • We Be Jammin’

    The greatest thing about playing music is that you can do it with other people. I’m sure it’s true for all genres and styles but I know it is exceptionally magical for weird folk music. The greatest thing is that you don’t have to be particularly good. If you have a basic understanding of how it all works, you can find some people who like the same songs and spend some time. If you find the right song, a group of people can drift into a flow and play that song forever… or until someone has to go to the bathroom. A good jam is a religious experience.

  • Redundant Titles

    A long time ago, I wrote a song called “Apples.” That song was not very good. I kept chipping away at “Apples” until I found a decent song. This was way back when all of my songwriting was done on paper. When the applesauce was finally a finished song, I had a piece of paper with a lot of words crossed out and new lines scribbled into the margins. That was my process. The top of the paper had the word “Revised” in a different color ink scratched in behind the original title. When I released the song on my Judgement record, the title was officially listed as “Apples Revised.” I recently tweaked a couple of lines in this song. Now, I have a revised version of “Apples Revised.” I don’t think I will update the title. That would be too excessively redundant and repetitive and redundant.

  • Words I Like Vol. 2

    Wednesday Words

    I keep an ongoing list of words that I like. When I find a word and I like the way it sounds, it goes on the list. The following are five words from my list:

    Librettist – a person who writes the text of an opera or other long vocal work

    Semiquincentenial – a 250th anniversary

    Epistemophiliac – love of knowledge

    Outré – unusual and typically rather shocking

    Prognosticator – a person who foretells or prophesies a future event

  • Woof

    I have noticed something now that we are a dog family. I have walked through my neighborhood thousands of times. I’ve heard some barks but nothing remarkable. Now, when we walk with Pepper, it feels like every house has a barking dog. Can they smell us? Are they sitting at the window watching for other dogs to bark at? Most importantly, what are they saying to each other? Can you imagine walking through a neighborhood with someone screaming at you from every house that you pass? It must be intense to be a dog.