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  • Cousins

    They hadn’t seen each other in a while but it didn’t matter. They immediately disappeared to play a completely spontaneous game. It wasn’t preconceived or planned. It’s a weird form of biological alchemy. It’s the magic of cousins.

  • Bang





    Happy Fourth of July to everybody that is celebrating today. Take care of yourselves.

  • Flag Waving

    Wednesday Words

    It’s an attempt at a patriotic poem.

    My Grandpap cried every fourth of July
    Burgers from the grill and some cherry pie
    Sun setting, pink and red wash the sky

    Kids laughing, a game of tag
    Dogs nosing, tails wag
    Veterans march, grand old flag

    Everybody waiting for the show
    Boom and bang, here we go
    The neighbor girl kisses her beau

    Musical lawn chairs, grab a seat
    Ice cream cone, lick a treat
    Marching band lays down a beat

    Hug your neighbor, never ask why
    Hope and glory should never die
    A single tear every forth of July

  • Fresh Coat of Paint

    We just repainted our walls. It turned out great. My wife is great at picking colors. I do not pick colors. I picked the color one time. For the last ten years, our bedroom has been the color of Kermit the Frog. She picks the colors and I slap it on the wall. The walls look great. The problem is that with walls this nice, the ceiling looks really bad.

  • Unconventional Time Slot

    I played a rare Sunday afternoon pub set. Sunday afternoon sets might not be rare but I think it was a first for me. The brewery that hosted me is adjacent to a popular bike trail. There were a lot of bicyclists rolling in and having an afternoon beer. The clientele at a brewery is very different on a Sunday afternoon as compared to a Friday night. The vibe was different. It was very relaxed and casual. Nobody was wound up or excited about anything. Day and time seem to determine the demographic. I know it affected me. I normally take a nap on Sunday afternoons. I was very sleepy for the entire third hour. I’d do it again but it would require some extra preparatory coffee.

  • Groundhog with a Wine Glass

    My mom has dementia. She stayed with us for three very long days while her husband was in the hospital. He is fine now and she is back at home. At this stage, she talks nonstop. In the car, in between retelling the same six stories, she read every road sign that we passed. The good news was that I never had to wonder what the speed limit was or worry about what town we were in. We passed through the town of Punxsutawney. On the side of a business was a mural of a giant groundhog holding a wine glass.

    ”Groundhog Weinery?!?”

    ”No, Mom. It’s Groundhog Winery. They sell wine.”

    ”That is good. I don’t think I would want to eat a groundhog hotdog…”

  • Universal Language

    I always assumed that when the robot overlords took over, we would all be forced to speak the same language. I believed there would be a single, universal language and if you wanted to eat, you had to learn it. Google Translate just added 110 new languages taking them up to 243 total languages. Their goal is to include the world’s top 1000 languages. I think I was wrong about the universal language. The robot overlords intend to allow us to speak whatever weird dialect we choose. Our personal language preference won’t matter. We will all be able to communicate via our devices… implants… robotic controlled helmets…

  • Politics

    I typically avoid the topic of politics at all costs. It’s just not worth discussing. People are so much more important than politics. However, last night I succumbed to social pressure and watched about 15 minutes of the presidential debate. Amidst the total incompetence, I came to one conclusion. I know a lot of thoughtful, kind, and hard-working people. The encouragement that regular people provide every day makes a bigger difference in the world than anything a president could do.

  • Spent

    I can’t think of anything to write about. I don’t even know where to begin. I am emotionally exhausted and I have nothing left. I know that you have felt this way before too. Your reasons were different than mine but you have been here. I’m not alone and neither were you.

  • Stretch Their Toes

    Wednesday Words

    I’m not sure where this I headed but I think it’s the first verse of something.

    The butcher, the baker, the prognosticator
    All went into a convenience store
    Got some organge soda, hot fries, and a lottery ticket
    They’re looking to hit it big and buy an island somewhere
    Some place with some sand where they can really stretch their toes
    Outside the convenience store is where it all went bad
    Stole a pickup truck and left a man on the ground
    This little piggie went to town
    The butcher, the baker, the prognosticator
    This is how it all went down