Deliver Us From Evil

I don’t often write poetry.  This is a rare poem that I wrote while mostly asleep.  

Sometimes I get lonely
Maybe I’m out for a bite to eat 
The waitress walks over with a menu
She smiles just right
Her name tag says Jazzmine
Spelled with a double “Z”
She has the reminder of an accent
I can’t tell where she is from
I say that she must get lonely being so far from home
She says that she has been here for almost 20 years
She says it’s nice of me to notice
And she smiles again
In my mind I stand up
I brush the hair from her forehead
In my mind I lean in close
I whisper that I am lonely too
In my mind she smiles again
I order a Greek omelette

Lead us not into temptation

Sometimes I get so tired
The kids are demanding a stream of necessities
It’s constant squabbling 
A never ending flow of why’s and how-come’s
I say shut up
I say that I’m tired of your mouth
I don’t want to hear you anymore
I feel bad and go outside
In my mind I walk away
I leave my offspring to fend for themselves
I am sure a benevolent pack of wolves will come along
And raise them as their own
In my mind I walk slowly down the hill
I’m so tired
I just keep walking until I completely disappear
In my mind I fade away
Never to be heard from again
In my mind they will be fine without me

Forgive us our trespasses

Sometimes I get mean
I’m out for a cup of coffee
And there is a guy spouting some rhetoric
There is always that guy 
He feels obligated to tell everyone how wrong we are
He condemns everything he hates
He corrupts everything he is afraid of
In my mind I want to shut his mouth
I am sick of people that can’t shut up
In my mind I throw my scalding coffee at his eyes
In my mind he shrieks and comes at me
In my mind I grab him by the scruff of the neck 
In my mind I smash his face off the cash register
Over and over
Until the blood flows
His rhetoric speckled on the tip jar
His fears splattered across the “leave a penny - take a penny” dish
In my mind everybody applauds
Everybody is grateful that I was mean

Deliver us from evil