Digging Into the Back Catalog

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I have approximately 753 identical CD’s in my basement. They are stored in a cardboard box, shrink wrapped in bundles of 50. They are all my Princess and the Hero album. It was originally released in 2003. I sold a bunch at the time but then sales stalled. My musical career stalled. I stalled. I have a bunch of CD’s leftover. It’s just the CD’s with no packaging.

I have always hated plastic jewel cases. They don’t hold up during shipping. They crack and break and are overall worthless. I started using cardboard cases with my last physical release. They have limitations but they work so much better.

We are reissuing the old CD with new packaging. We have completely overhauled the artwork to coincide with our beliefs about packaging. It looks amazing.

I think I should be making new records and putting all of my energy into new projects. The CD’s in my basement are haunting me. I can’t seem to move on while they are stacked up, yearning to be played. Maybe somebody out there will care enough to buy one and play it and I will be free of my ghosts. Every CD we sell is an exorcism.

We are officially re-releasing the album on May 24, 2019. If CD’s aren’t your thing, I completely understand. Princess and the Hero will be available on most streaming services (free). If you want to support the work that we are doing, consider buying a CD. If you still rock out to weird folk music while cruising down the highway with the windows down, consider buying this CD. If you think the little banjo guy on the cover is cute, consider buying our CD.

We are doing an email based album launch experience to accompany the reissue. I know extra email is annoying. We will do our best to provide entertaining junk in your mailbox. We are going to send a series of emails that will deliver some exclusive, extra content. This will only be available to people that sign up for the album launch experience. We will be sharing about the album process, the story behind the songs, and new versions of some of the old songs. I think you will enjoy it. We are trying to figure out how to make the process of releasing an album relevant. Check it out, this might actually work.

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