We just finished watching Encanto for the 9,000th time.  Some scenes continue to elicit an emotional response even after this many viewings.  It’s a great movie.
If you haven’t watched the movie, be advised that the next part contains spoilers.  
I love the way this movie addresses generational trauma.  Generational trauma is devastating and can trickle down through many lives.  In the movie, it is the trauma experienced by Abuela that is the catalyst for the pressure she puts on her children and grandchildren. It is this pressure that causes all of the destruction and turmoil.  Consistent with the Disney formula, the children are the heroes of this movie and the older adults are flawed bad guys.  It was clear that Abuela’s fear caused her to wreck many lives and disrupt the entire town.  
The thing that I like most about the movie is that every character was given a chance for redemption and also acceptance. It seems like our society prefers to cancel someone for causing this level of generational trauma than to provide a path to forgiveness. Abuela’s obsessive and fearful choices caused so much destruction but the family continued to love her and appreciate the sacrifices she had made.  
Good intentions don’t make bad actions acceptable. 
Bad actions do not negate good intentions.  
We need our history, our family, and all of the baggage.  Trauma happens and can carry through generations.  We find ourselves sitting amongst the debris caused by ruinous choices.  Only forgiveness can rebuild a magical house.