Family Game Night

It was family game night. We needed to move beyond Chutes and Ladders and Candy Land. The twins are seven. It’s a tough age for games. They can handle some basic strategies but are not ready for the blackjack tables. I’m not sure why but they’ve been asking to play Clue. I guess the box looks mysterious and cool on the shelf. Clue has always been my favorite game. There is so much strategy in this game. We knew they wouldn’t get it the first time but we had to start somewhere. Blind luck won’t affect the outcome. It was brutal but we got through our first attempt at Clue. I like this game because it’s all about exploring the unknowns. Take what you’ve got, embrace the unknowns, and find a universal truth. That is the same formula for being a folk singer. In case you were wondering, it was Miss Scarlet with the knife in the conservatory.


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