Festive Water Under the Holiday Bridge

I’ve been working on a Christmas project. If you are keeping score at home, you’ve probably caught at least some portion of this undertaking. I’ve been making short videos featuring different Christmas songs and releasing one into the wild every day. There has been some positive response to the project but not an overwhelming outcry. I guess a slight murmur is better than an angry mob. The world at large is a very tough crowd when it comes to Christmas music. 
I wonder what else I could have done with the time I spent on this project. Maybe I could have written something spectacular. I probably would have wasted the time watching Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation or Die Hard on repeat. I don’t regret doing this project. I am confident that the world is better with Christmas music in it. I feel blessed to have been able to contribute to the massive flood of music that happens during the holiday season. 
Maybe you feel like you lost a lot of time doing festive junk during this holiday season and you wish you could have that time back. Everything gets magnified during the holidays. The loneliness is massive. The despair is oppressive. And the tiny glimmer of joy you let loose is a supernova.  It is worth it.      


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