Follow the Bugs

I am working on a rough mix of my song called Bugs.  The parts were recorded almost two years ago.  It didn’t fit with any other projects at the time and was relegated to the back of the queue.  As I am currently between projects (completely directionless), this mix has now found its way to the top of the pile.  
Six weeks ago I thought I had finished the mix.  It didn’t feel right. It sounded fine but not great.  I tried to convince myself that it was good enough.  This was supposed to be some quick studio work.  It was just something to keep me busy until I started the next big project.  I tweaked, adjusted, pushed it a little harder, and made it worse.  It was bad.  I was forcing it to be something that it could never be. This might be the same thing as writer’s block.  I was floundering to make the big decisions regarding what should happen next and I kept pushing harder.  The rough tracks are good but the song was louder and more distorted and not good. I need to learn to be true to where the song is leading. I took a deep breath, listened to Bugs, and started from scratch.
I am working on a rough mix of my song called Bugs.  This track might never get released into the wild.  It’s ok if it doesn’t. I learned an important lesson.  Follow the song.