Rock and Blues Festival Unplugged

I was scheduled to kick off the final day of the RTE 22 Rock and Blues Festival. This was the first time they planned music for the third day of their event. The lineup was comprised of acoustic acts to keep things simple for the new, bonus day.  The sound guy didn’t get the memo regarding the extra day. He started tearing down the stage early this morning.  When he was informed that there would be more music happening, he made some attempts to put things into working order but was never able to find sound.  Two hours after my scheduled start time we finally got underway. One of the other performers lives nearby and was able to save the day by going home to get his sound system. In the meantime, I did what I do best.  Fortunately, I am very loud.  There was something beautiful about playing an unplugged version of Chicken Skin Shake while standing in front of a giant stack of silent speakers.  Keep the customer satisfied.  The masses must be entertained.  

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