Fort Roberdeau

We spent some time yesterday at a local historical site.  It was a great way to celebrate the Fourth of July.  Fort Roberdeau is a reconstructed fort from the Revolutionary War era.  It was originally built to protect a lead mine.  They have a wonderful celebration every year on Independence Day.  There are a lot of costumes and stories about frontier living.  Their garden looks far better than my own.   
I play with a band called Ride the Song.  We have had a standing gig at the Fort on the Fourth for the past several years.  We sweep the bat poop off the stage and set up in the old barn.  It’s always a lot of fun.  
On the other side of the barn is a display of an authentic Conestoga wagon.  I can’t imagine packing up my whole family and living in those close quarters.  I would guess that in those days if you needed some peace and quiet, you would wander off and hide behind a tree.  That must be a timeless technique practiced by Dads all over the world.  I’m very grateful for indoor plumbing and bathroom doors.  I hope everyone enjoyed some grilled meat, a sweaty hug, and some colorful explosions.  That is what the Fourth of July is all about.