FrEd Sheridan

I have been working hard at being a professional performer for a long time. It’s been longer than some of you have been alive. I am hoping I haven’t reached my pinnacle yet. I recently got a comment on social media that said, “You have a really good singing voice.” The username of the commenter was Ed Sheeran!!!  My initial response involved some high-pitched squeals and sports-guy chest bumps. The legendary Ed Sheeran complimented my singing voice!!! Alright, I knew it wasn’t the real Ed Sheeran. Maybe it was a real Ed Sheeran but it was not the famous one.  There are 9 billion people on this planet and I am sure that there are multiple people named Ed Sheeran. More than likely it was a random person that adopted the user name in homage to the famous Ed. Maybe it was done ironically. Maybe it was a form of true fandom. I know it wasn’t the real Ed Sheeran.  It doesn’t matter.  Ed Sheeran, whoever you are, thank you.  I needed you.  Because of you, I know that someone out there likes what I am doing. Because of you, I will keep working.  
Besides, everybody knows that the famous Ed Sheeran can‘t use his real name on social media. He goes by the name Fred Sheridan.