Freestyle Folk

I’ve been writing a lot of short songs lately. Maybe this means that I am communicating more clearly and succinctly. Just like Hemingway, I am getting to the point quickly with no wasted words. That can’t be true.

I needed some verses for my newest song called “Frail Bones.” I played the chord progression over and over and over until some words showed up.

When I was in college, there was a random guy that would show up at all of the best parties and do some freestyle rap. I don’t know if he was good because that’s not really my kind of thing. It was a cool party trick and he never had to buy his own beer.

One of my favorite songwriting tools is freestyle writing. I find a groove, hit record on my voice memo app, and let the words flow. It’s a great way to get a lot of potential ideas in a hurry. I wrote six verses in less than fifteen minutes. Hopefully I can turn it all into one decent verse.

Maybe I need to do more freestyle folk. It could be a great gimmick. I could play a standard folk riff and sing about whatever is happening around me. That could be a cool party trick.

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