Ghosts – An Idea

I had an idea for a song way back in December of 2020.  It was a groove on the ukulele and a notion about ghosts.  I regularly played the groove but I couldn’t get myself around to the actual writing. Playing this hook never fails to make my kids dance around the room.  
Off and on over the last year, I would try some gibberish over the chords.  I felt like I didn’t know the song’s purpose. Maybe I knew where the song was headed but wanted to avoid it.  Someday I will lay down on the couch and tell you why I was avoiding it.  
I tried a couple of different alternative directions.  I tried making it about a band of ghosts playing music in the cemetery.  I tried making a song about being haunted by the past.  I tried making it about honoring your ancestors.  I tried writing about overcoming trauma or an obstacle.  None of these options were satisfying. Deep down inside, I knew where it wanted to go.  
I have made peace with the ghosts in this song. I got out of the way and allowed them to roam freely.  A breakthrough happened out of nowhere and I was able to capture the idea of two specters that had haunted me.  It is not yet finished but I know where the ghosts are going.