Green Electric Guitar

I’m trying to sell my green electric guitar. I bought this thing when I was 17 years old. I needed it so that I could be part of my first band. I was just a rhythm guitar player but it was life-changing. To be honest, I can’t even remember the band’s name. I remember playing “Summer of ‘69” and “Long December.” We played a set at my senior prom. When I started writing songs, the first batch of really bad ones were written on this guitar. In recent years, I strung it as a baritone guitar and used it to get a particular sound in the studio. It has made an appearance on a couple of different tracks that you might recognize. It was the foundation for the original version of “Pancakes.”

The problem is that I don’t enjoy playing it. I recently tried changing the strings and realized that I know nothing about electric guitars. It’s just taking up space in the studio. I don’t need this guitar. Someone else might get a lot of joy from this neon green electric guitar. I have a lot of sentimental emotions attached to this thing but I never use it. The strings wear out from age before they succumb to use. It will be nice to not have to do the maintenance on this guitar. Thanks for the memories and good riddance. May you find someone who knows how to make you rock. 


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